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A Modern Take on the Nativity

I recently saw this nativity display in the home of young newlyweds. I’m not sure how they intended it, and knowing the playful husband, I’m pretty sure it’s his doing, but it got me thinking. It’s an interesting assortment of … Continue reading

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Eyes to See

My sons, their wives and I were recently gathered at the younger one’s house to watch a favorite college’s football game. Suddenly, a worm-like creature dropped onto the floor in front of the fireplace. We girls screamed appropriately while the … Continue reading

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Keeping Count

“It’s all about me. This is what I want.” “He never empties the trash, and it’s his job.” “Why do I have to write all the Christmas cards every year? It’s his friends, too.” “This is the third time I’ve … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!!!

Another New Year rolled around and my world doesn’t look any different the day after New Years than it did the day before. I’m actually mildly amused that we celebrate the turning of a calendar page, an artificial counting of time … Continue reading

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Special Delivery

I was recently a guest blogger for my friend Patty Hall who is a children’s book author, and also a breast cancer survivor. She shared this poem with me, which she wrote several years ago, about her experience dealing with … Continue reading

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God of New Beginnings

It’s a broken world…                                                                         … Continue reading

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