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“Carolyn Mustian is an accomplished writer and lecturer. Her journey on the Pink Road is an honest chronicle of her fears, hopes, disappointments and joys along the way, which are often laced with humor but always grounded in faith. Her book is a “must read” for anyone walking that road or accompanying someone who is.”

Jacquelyn “Jan” Orgain, Richmond, VA
Former Area Director for Community Bible Study

“Sweet Carolyn I recommend! Not only is she walking the pink ribbon road but she is walking with the Lord who never leaves any of His precious children…no matter what!. We both certainly got “bolder as we got balder” on the pink ribbon road.

Kim Newlen,
Founder and President,
Sweet Monday®

“This is a soulfully written biography intertwining family, fear, and freedom in God. Carolyn brings the reality of cancer to the foot of the cross and does not back down, but she humbly shares her journey in a way that is compelling to all women.

Nancy Glisson Lucy
Miss Virginia, 1999

Carolyn’s personal journey through cancer and treatment takes the reader to a place of hope, faith and complete surrender. It is a love note to all who walk alongside Pink Ribbon friends. Come Monday is filled with spiritual treasurers for whatever Monday holds.

Sara Marie Allen
Author, Song Writer

And From Amazon Reviews….

Shopping Lady:
A Powerful Book Filled with Faith, Hope and Love

Carolyn’s intimate journey through cancer and treatment was such a joy to read. It details her emotional, social, physical, and spiritual struggles from being a “gal with cancer” to recovery. I know many people who have faced cancer, and after seeing cancer and treatment through Carolyn’s eyes, I know how to talk to them and love them so much better. And since all of us will know or do know someone with cancer, her book is a wonderful encouragement to read, from the spiritual lessons she learned along the way to the AMAZING sense of humor she kept through all of it. This book will be a HUGE blessing to all who read it. Well done!

An Inspiring Book for All Readers

Come Monday is a motivating, honest, and thoughtful book. It takes the reader into a world that many have not experienced. Carolyn Mustian effectively conveys her thoughts about cancer, prayer, and life in her well-written book. Through humor, family, friends, and God’s love, Carolyn relays her experience on the pink ribbon road. Though this book is centered around breast-cancer, it can inspire anyone to overcome life’s challenges. I loved reading this book and I know many other readers will enjoy it as well!

Sally Austin, Educator:
Keep the Faith

One page in and I was hooked. I couldn’t stop turning the pages. In the wee morning hours, I laughed and I cried. Carolyn sets a profound example of courage. Here’s what I learned : no matter what challenge I might face in the future, I will do what Carolyn does – – – -Keep the faith and get crackin ‘! Sally

 Susan L. Hetherington:
Come Monday

This is one of the best books I have read. I will probably read it again and again. Carolyn has a wonderful sense of humor. I believe that this and her strong belief in God helped her during her journey on the pink ribbon road. I would recommend this book to anyone especially those that are facing this journey.

Connie Bannick:
Great book.

Carolyn thanks so much for writing this book. I read it in one day. So inspirational and beautiful prayers. Your humor had me laughing out loud. I totally relate to so much in the book, it was and will be so helpful. I have asked my husband to read it too.

Enlightening Read

“Come Monday” gives the reader an amazing understanding of the mental and emotional journey one undertakes when confronting cancer The author portrays her interaction with the disease not as an epic battle, nor as a minor inconvenience Instead, she illustrates the paradoxical ways in which cancer can make life so alien, yet so similar to the normal everyday experience I highly recommend this book to those who are dealing with cancer, either personally or through a loved one and even to those who just want a deeper understanding of the emotional, spiritual, and day-today challenges of this part of life.

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