Meet the Author

Carolyn Mustian

Three years ago as my sons neared college graduation, I looked for an interesting diversion for the empty nest years – a job, perhaps, a ministry, or maybe a volunteer project. Instead, breast cancer found me and took me on a Pink Ribbon Journey from diagnosis through treatment, and into a place of personal growth and new perspectives.

Along the way, I kept a journal and recorded life lessons, blessings, and challenges in facing cancer. That journal was eventually published as the book, Come Monday… My Journey on the Pink Ribbon Road, where I share the emotional peaks and valleys I encountered on the road to healing from surgeries and chemotherapy. I like to call my journey the “Pink Ribbon Express.” It was sometimes funny, sometimes frustrating, but often brought forth opportunities for great lessons in love, faith and moving forward in surprising ways.

Carolyn Mustian

Carolyn Mustian

I am now celebrating three years of survivorship. My husband and I live in Richmond VA and love having our two sons close by.  A registered nurse and frequent Bible teacher, I enjoy speaking to women’s groups and providing encouragement to other women facing this journey, as so many did for me. In my spare time I like to quilt, craft, shop, garden, read and travel. Most of all, I enjoy celebrating each new day.

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