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Wife, Mom, Author, Friend, Aunt, Quilter, Breast Cancer Survivor, Public Speaker, Bible Study Teacher, Blogger. I love life and birthdays, holidays, people and family gatherings, flowers, and all creatures furry. I love to entertain, decorate, craft and create.

A Modern Take on the Nativity

I recently saw this nativity display in the home of young newlyweds. I’m not sure how they intended it, and knowing the playful husband, I’m pretty sure it’s his doing, but it got me thinking. It’s an interesting assortment of … Continue reading

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Eyes to See

My sons, their wives and I were recently gathered at the younger one’s house to watch a favorite college’s football game. Suddenly, a worm-like creature dropped onto the floor in front of the fireplace. We girls screamed appropriately while the … Continue reading

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Don’t Call Me “Young Lady”– Please!

In the past couple of years, I have become increasingly annoyed by the way strangers and even some acquaintances address me. I’m talking about that annoying term young lady. An acquaintance recently elevated that greeting to a new level of … Continue reading

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When the Quiet Time Model Doesn’t Fit

Prayer is a crucial part of our relationship with Jesus Christ. Prayer is one of the first disciplines that new Christians are encouraged to practice. The word prayer in it’s simplest definition means “plea, petition, or request.” Expanded definitions include … Continue reading

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Tribute to Hannah the Cheetah

She was a seven-month-old cheetah cub when she died. I’d never actually met her, face to face, fingertips to fur. But I’d logged countless hours on the computer watching her and her four siblings grow up in front of a … Continue reading

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Keeping Count

“It’s all about me. This is what I want.” “He never empties the trash, and it’s his job.” “Why do I have to write all the Christmas cards every year? It’s his friends, too.” “This is the third time I’ve … Continue reading

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Lord of Lunch Crumbs and Dust Bunnies

Easter weekend is over, chocolate bunnies are eaten, and our Easter finery is now shoved to the back closet to await another event. Pastors preached sermons some worked on for months and special Easter worship effects sleep tucked away for another year. Last … Continue reading

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