Lord of Lunch Crumbs and Dust Bunnies

Easter weekend is over, chocolate bunnies are eaten, and our Easter finery is now shoved to the back closet to await another event. Pastors preached sermons some worked on for months and special Easter worship effects sleep tucked away for another year. Last week, Christians celebrated Christ’s resurrection. Even unbelievers loaded Easter baskets with trinkets and candy to delight their children, young or grown. My question now is this: Did Easter Sunday make a difference in my life? Am I more aware of God’s Amazing Grace this week because last weekend I celebrated his great sacrifice on my behalf? Will I truly live the transformed life he purchased for me, or will I move back into that robotic, complacent dance where families clamor for hot dinners and clean clothes and other ordinary human needs? Do I want life to be different this week? Do I want to carry the Resurrection Celebration all throughout the year, or is one weekend enough?

In one sense, I’ve celebrated Jesus’ resurrection since I was twenty-five. That’s when he scooped up my life’s broken pieces and set me on a surprising path of redemption and spiritual healing. I wasn’t looking for a religious experience when I met Jesus, and I didn’t get one. What I got was a fresh start, a clean slate, a new beginning, and an everlasting relationship with God who set me on a path of unexpected twists and turns. Sometimes, that journey provided blessings and joy, but life has also included disappointments, heartaches and grief. Between the pitfalls and the trials, between the mountaintops and blessings, dwell the everyday, ordinary minutes wrapped in daily routines, repetitive and sometimes boring. Does Jesus’ resurrection make a difference in those humdrum moments?

Dust bins and lunch time

Dust bins and lunch time

I think these are exactly the moments Jesus treasures with us – those everyday times when we are not clamoring for his attention because we are in pain, or shouting his name from the rooftops as we celebrate a special blessing. In the quiet, ordinary moments of corralling dust bunnies for the trash bin and cleaning crumbs off the countertops, Jesus says, “Celebrate the ordinary. Be thankful that your hand can hold the dustpan, your hungry family gathers at the kitchen counter for lunch, and you have the opportunity to feed them sandwiches and fruit. Talk with me while you stack dishes in the dishwasher and be grateful that you have the pleasure of serving in this moment, in this place. Not every woman knows this blessing.”

Jesus is alive, not only on Easter Sunday, but also on the other 364 days of the year. In that sense, there are no ordinary moments. Each day we live, each breath we breathe is an opportunity to celebrate his lessons and blessings poured on our days because Jesus rose that first Easter Sunday. In Jesus, every moment is an occasion to communicate with him; every encounter with another human is an opportunity to be his instrument of blessing and grace. Extraordinary Lord of Dust Bunnies and Lunch Crumbs, let me be your faithful servant on this Easter journey called life. Keep me mindful that you are my Resurrection Lord every day, and not just on Easter Weekend.


About Carolyn Mustian

Wife, Mom, Author, Friend, Aunt, Quilter, Breast Cancer Survivor, Public Speaker, Bible Study Teacher, Blogger. I love life and birthdays, holidays, people and family gatherings, flowers, and all creatures furry. I love to entertain, decorate, craft and create.
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2 Responses to Lord of Lunch Crumbs and Dust Bunnies

  1. I love this thought! I remember trying to latch onto a similar one when I was in the thros of diapers and little ones. But in the busyness of bigger kids… It is easy to forget the simple yet profound lesson of connecting to Jesus throughout the day. Blessings to you for helping us remember today. Thanks!

    • Thank you Sara. Even with kids grown and out of the house, I find it’s easy to be swept up in the things that lay physically before me and forget to connect moment by moment with Him. Sometimes I probably need to connect because of those physical, yet mundane, things that demand attention. I think for me, its about focus. Where do I focus my thoughts and energy? Thanks for sharing, Sara.

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