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Jesus is Alive! Jesus is Alive!

“Jesus is alive! Jesus is alive!” Those were the words that greeted my boys each Easter morning when they were little fellows bounding down the stairs. They knew the true Easter story and I wanted to be sure they thought first … Continue reading

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How Do You See Me Now?

A friend recently asked me “How do you see me as an author?” She is in the process of publishing her first book, and like most authors, I suppose, she is driven by a sense of calling, but also wants … Continue reading

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My First Tee-Shirt Quilt — Finally Finished!

I just sewed the last stitches in my first tee-shirt quilt production. It’s created out of my husband’s favorite tees from Promise Keeper conferences he attended over the years with other cool guys. I loved making this quilt for him … Continue reading

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Have Yourself a Happy Little Tuesday!

I’ve been reading a book called “The Happiness Project” which documents author Gretchen Rubin‘s yearlong experiment in learning to add more happiness into her life. She began by reading everything she could find on the topic, and then condensed her knowledge … Continue reading

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Adding Shelving to Kitchen Cabinets

After years of housekeeping and collecting cooking paraphernalia for all kinds of food prep, I find that the “giant” kitchen in the house we purchased when we were first married has shrunk significantly. The once spacious cabinets are filled to … Continue reading

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God of New Beginnings

It’s a broken world…                                                                         … Continue reading

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