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Extraordinary Holiday Foods

“Turn Mashed Potatoes into Something Extraordinary!” That’s the headline which greeted me recently when I opened one of my favorite restaurant’s email flyers. Another favorite spot declared “Celebrate the season with our down-home comfort foods.”  Each message then described the … Continue reading

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Football, Freight Trains and Boxcar Blessings

I sat in relative comfort on the football stadium seats and looked downfield to see a lone football player ready to catch the opposing team’s punt. His catch would initiate the team’s efforts to manhandle that football toward goalposts at … Continue reading

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Banana Nut Bread

The coffee dripped in the coffee maker, sending its rich aroma up the stairs in the direction of my sleeping husband. As the banana bread baked in the oven, its spicy scents further kissed the air in my kitchen. The recipe instructions … Continue reading

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Ethical Questions

I rarely ever give money to pan handlers because I believe the majority of them are con artists; or at least the organized groups in my part of town seem to fit that category. And I’m not fond of enabling … Continue reading

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